Brush manufacture since 1823

From brushes for medical field to aerospace brushes, ALCO develops and produces this simple and sophisticated tool whose efficiency and price/performance ratio is only rarely matched.



Health protection of our products’ users, well-being and life balance of our employees are part of our core values.


Sustainable development

The materials we use come from controlled sources with little or no impact on the environment. The animal fibers come from natural shears, our woods are FSC certified; the synthetic materials are sourced exclusively from certified partners meeting at least the same criteria as ours.



We advocate simple and effective solutions without minimum quantities in order to avoid waste. Our systems offer for the most part the possibility of refurnishing the brushes in order to preserve the frames and minimize the waste.



Ecological and fair, our brushes made to measure and if necessary by piece meet the most demanding precision criteria. We advise you in a personalized way in order to develop together the brush that you need that we will then manufacture with the very many materials available in our workshops, respecting the strictest standards.







No waste, reuse as much as possible and not produce more than you need! Observe and learn from nature: often the solution is inspired by it. Listen and advise so as to respond exactly to the need. Create and maintain a work environment conducive to creativity and personal development that is beneficial for our employees, customers and partners.
Support social reintegration by creating workplaces in sheltered workshops.